Amby’s Half Century Celebration Hosted at Coombe Abbey

Saturday 18th May – Mid-day to 5:00 pm in THE CLOISTERS

PRESS FOR DIRECTIONS – parking is next to the building (follow signs to the hotel). There is a £3 parking charge. If you arrive earlier, please make use of the park and garden – it’s a lovely spot.

Coombe Abbey is very special place. We played here as children, Elly’s first outing was here, we celebrated mum and dads anniversary, David and I shared our first picnic under the Redwoods and so many fantastic conversations, laughs on a multitude of walks, picnics and more recently the Zip Wires. If you love learning about historical places and the extraordinary strories which revolve around them, you may find this LINK to the history of Coombe Abbey insightful.

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you all. As well as celebrating my half century, David and I will also be celebrating the 1st anniversary of our civil ceremony. We will be wearing smart clothes – but wear what you feel comfortable in – I might even wear a hat with a feather in it!

There are 50 guests (close family and friends) and planned seating.

Thanks for letting me know your dietary requirements. The menus below show the selection of sandwiches for different dietary types (have noted replacing white bread for wholemeal only for some); unless your deserts are egg free or gluten free, the desert menu is listed on the omnivore menu.